Whether in the comfort of a customer’s master suite or in an elegantly appointed hotel room, a bathtub crafted from Lucite® cast acrylic is warm to the touch – making for a much more relaxing experience. In fact, the material helps water maintain its warmth much longer than cast iron or steel. The highly durable, non-porous solid acrylic surface also better resists mildew and is scratch and stain resistant.
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Lucite® cast acrylic sheet is also unique because its color permeates the material and will not fade over time. The surface is easy to maintain and when cleaned according to the manufacturer’s directions, will retain its showroom finish for many years.

Unlike bathtubs made from other materials, such as gel coat, cast iron and steel, tubs made from Lucite® cast acrylic are less likely to chip and do not require additional structural support in the floor beneath.

Lucite® cast acrylic is perfect for manufacturers and customers who want design flexibility and a high-quality material for their bathtubs. Available in a wide variety of classic and on-trend color designs, the choice is clear with respect to which material is best.