Lucite® Cast


Lucite International is recognized by executives at leading bath and hot tub brands worldwide as the number one manufacturer of quality acrylic sheet.

Cast Acrylic


Specially formulated for superior thermoforming, our acrylic is engineered to form easily into even the most complex shapes and styles. Lucite® cast acrylic makes your manufacturing process go smoothly.

A bath made from Lucite® acrylic is the most cost-effective choice for a tub offering a long lasting, durable, high surface gloss and elegant finish. Manufacturers worldwide turn to Lucite International for a dependable material that produces stunning final products.

Our cast acrylic sheet is a high molecular weight, cross linked, engineered polymer. The cast sheet is thermoformed into the bath tub shape then rigidized with glass filled polyester resin (FRP). When compared to other bath tub materials, Lucite® cast acrylic is the clear choice, offering:

  • Superior thermoforming with ultimate flexibility to achieve even the most complex shapes
  • Continuous cast process that results in consistent colors and products
  • Superior surface finish
  • High gloss
  • Excellent chemical and stain resistance
  • Withstand chipping
  • Warm to touch
  • Keeps water warmer longer
  • Variety of styles, colors and effects


At Lucite International, we utilize exceptional production to produce reliable, consistent products at competitive prices for our customers. Our product range meets all relevant industry standards and we’re constantly pushing our team to meet ever-changing market needs. But above all, we value relationships and work closely with our customers to accommodate their requests and exceed their expectations. Our reputation was built by being a dependable brand that delivers on quality.