Have Questions? We Have Answers.

With 80 years of experience in the cast acrylic business, we’ve heard it all. So, don’t be shy to ask any question you may have about the use of Lucite® in hot tubs and baths. We’ve tried to anticipate some commonly asked questions below. Don’t see yours? Please email us  or call 1-800-4-LUCITE.

For spas, Lucite International offers more than 15 hues in textured granites, smooth, elegant marbles and lustrous surface effects. The colors we offer each year represent those that remain well-liked with manufacturers, dealers and consumers. In short, they are all extremely popular.

Lucite International counts many of the world’s premier hot tub manufacturers among our valued partners. You can find a full list of manufacturers and links to their websites here. 

Lucite International offers a range of POP items to its manufacturers and dealers, including color cards, showroom bowls and a mini peacock display. Contact us to order POP materials for your dealership.

  • Comfortable surface textures
  • Durability to withstand frequent use
  • Resistance to stains, superficial scratches, UV, harsh weather, household chemicals
  • EasyCare™ qualities that make cleaning a snap
  • Confidence that our diverse array of colors won’t fade over time

No. Lucite International manufactures the acrylic surface used by many premier hot tub brands. You can find a full list of manufacturers and links to company websites here.

Call 1-800-4-LUCITE or e-mail us to speak with a member of the Lucite® Spa and Bath team. Alternatively, check out our Meet the Team page.

Accidents happen. Multi-Tech Products offers repair kits designed specifically for Lucite® cast acrylic. These products can help damaged areas of hot tub surfaces, shells and liners.

The Lucite® surface will last for years to come. Following the manufacturer’s suggested care and our EasyCare™ maintenance suggestions will help keep your hot tub clean and stain free.

Lucite International uses the best pigments available. Our colors are formulated for outdoor use to reduce fading over time.

The non-porous makeup of Lucite® cast acrylic resists dirt from accumulating and it withstands stains better than other plastic materials. Take a glance at our EasyCare™ promise to see just how easy it is to maintain your hot tub’s surface.