Legacy of Luxury.

And Then Some.

After more than 80 years, Lucite® remains the world’s most well known acrylic brand. Strong, malleable and versatile, our material has helped shape everything from canopies for Spitfire aircraft that helped win World War II to award-winning louvers to the most luxurious hot tubs and baths available.

Sprung from the ingenuity of scientists at global leaders ICI and DuPont, we’ve been everywhere, including for the past half-century in the tranquil, trendsetting spa and bath offerings from top manufacturers serving sophisticated consumers.

With a past as rich as our future is bright, here’s a look back at a few milestones that have made Lucite® the world-class spa and bath brand that it is today:

30s + 40s | Next


  • DuPont develops production of Lucite® acrylic sheet in the U.S.
  • ICI establishes first U.K. site for producing Perspex® acrylic sheet
  • First Perspex® acrylic baths made by NV Appleton in Brisbane, Australia
60s + 70s | Next


  • Our acrylic becomes the all the rage for Hollywood and society ladies who carry handbags crafted from Lucite®
  • DuPont establishes first production site for Lucite® sheet for baths, in Memphis, Tennessee
  • ICI expands acrylic operations into Europe and Asia
  • Avocado, Cobalt Blue and Primrose are best-selling colors for Lucite® bathtubs
80s + 90s | Next


  • ICI establishes a dedicated acrylics business, ICI Acrylics, and acquires DuPont’s acrylics assets, including Lucite® brand
  • Lucite® becomes material of choice for manufacturing of high-quality acrylic hot tubs and bathtubs
  • Lucite® introduces marble and granite look sheets to the industry
  • Specialty sheet for tanning beds, motorcycle windscreens and skylights brought to market
  • Truly global, the company is renamed Lucite International with assets in US, Europe, Thailand and China
2000s +


  • Lucite® acrylic is used for showers at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games
  • Leading hotels Hyatt, Sheraton, Regent, Mirage are among those adopting Lucite® acrylic as their preferred bath and hot tub material
  • Hot tubs go international with production starting in Europe, China, Australia and New Zealand
  • Lucite® accepted into George Beylerian’s new designer focused Material Connexion
  • New colors and effects for spa launched, including Celestial Granite, Lustre Granite and the Serenity Series
  • LuciteLux® launched in response to resurgent demand for high quality acrylic products for retail displays, signage, and LED lighting
  • Lucite International combines with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) to form the worlds largest acrylic company

Want to learn more about the rich heritage of Lucite®?  Our corporate site details our history and journey to becoming a world-class brand.  CLICK HERE