Lucite International is a proud member of the International Hot Tub Association (IHTA), which since 2013 has operated under the umbrella of the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) to grow the hot tub industry while promoting safety and enjoyment for consumers.


Lucite International Business Manager Chris Robinson is a member of the IHTA’s Strategic Leadership Team, working with a group of industry leaders to actively track and confront issues critical to our industry and, just as importantly, hot tub consumers. Some examples of the team’s focus are:

  • Development of industry standards, including for safety and energy  consumption
  • Working along side the British, Irish, Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) to  align US and European standards, ensuring customer protection, safety and  high quality standard for the European spa industry
  • Understanding legislative activity relevant to hot tub makers and consumers
  • Promotion of consumer-supportive safety protocols such as fencing  regulations and water-shortage management
  • Gathering of statistics used for gauging industry results versus similar  categories such as boats and RVs, which helps to improve performance
  • Raising awareness about the benefits of hot tub ownership – such as  wellness – in order to help improve industry sales and growth