There are some benefits of using the hot tub that we’re all aware of. Did you know how much using a spa can benefit your health?


Multiple theories exist for where the term “spa” came from, but many believe it is derived from a Latin phrase that translates to “health through water.”

Experts also agree that spas have been sought after for centuries for their healthful benefits for the body and the mind. The first “hot tubs” were naturally occurring hot springs. People would sometimes travel far to gather at these places in order to be pampered and feel rejuvenated. Hydrotherapy was certainly the main spa treatment.

For the same effects, the ancient Greeks and Romans built large bathhouses, usually on top of or adjacent to natural springs. They also tapped into the benefits of water to treat and heal various diseases and ailments and to promote overall health. Spas and hot tubs were originally accessible only to the wealthy, but over time, more were available to the public.


Enhancing the home hot tub experience

Incorporating the senses of sight and smell can enhance the home spa experience. Many of our manufacturer partners offer hot tubs complete with LED lighting, creating the opportunity for color therapy.

Color therapy is an alternative medicine based on the use of projected colors that vary in vibration and effects on the mind and body. Once a home hot tub has been installed, it is time to create the atmosphere. Introducing special elements can make it feel like an oasis.


Therapy in the

comfort of

your own


The benefits of water on the body are undeniable. From soothing sore muscles, relieving pressure on tired joints and improving overall circulation to simply relaxing the body and mind, a spa at home can provide respite.

A soak in a hot tub can help improve:

  • Overall wellbeing
  • Mood
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Sleep quality
  • Circulation


“Not only does it help my chronic lower back pain, but allows me to sleep restful at night.”

-Tina M., Frisco, Texas

Benefits of Water Exercise

With the increasing popularity of swim spas, more people than ever are experiencing the health benefits aquatic fitness provides.

Water exercise is a low-impact activity that helps reduce stress on the muscles and joints, making it great for baby boomers (and people of most any age) who want to remain active, though free of excessive body strain.

Water workouts have many wonderful benefits, including:

Water is multidirectional, meaning it flows in different directions, creating resistance. If you’re using a spa to generate a current, the resistance is even greater, ranging from